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14. GIS For Conservation Easement Documentation

Georgia Conservation Tax Credit Program (GA DNR) Georgia Land Conservation Program (https://glcp.georgia.gov/) Conservation Easements (https://glcp.georgia.gov/conservation-easements) Georgia Conservation Tax Credit (https://glcp.georgia.gov/georgia-conservation-tax-credit) Conservation Easements A conservation easement, a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and an easement holder, allows the landowner to impose permanent restrictions on the way the property is used. […]

14. Overlay Analysis Tools

    Sample Data Here Overlay Analysis We have already reviewed one overlay (selection) analysis tool – Select By Location.  Recall, with this method, you select whole records in one layer that are spatially related in some manner (intersects, within a distance…, center is within…, etc) to another layer (Select By Location).  This […]