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Cruise Grids

  Sumter County Cruise Data Georgia GIS Clearinghouse Historical Imagery https://apps.itos.uga.edu/gsdi_rasterportal/ State: https://apps.itos.uga.edu/gsdi_rasterportal/resources/WMTSCapabilities_Statewide.xml Regional: https://apps.itos.uga.edu/gsdi_rasterportal/resources/WMTSCapabilities_Regional.xml County: https://apps.itos.uga.edu/gsdi_rasterportal/resources/WMTSCapabilities_County.xml Add a WMTS service to your ArcMap project: Open the Catalog window Scroll down and expand the GIS SERVERS selection Double-click ADD WMTS SERVER Paste the WMTS path into URL and hit GET LAYERS Expand the […]