Raster Analysis I

Raster Analysis (Bolstad pages 444 – 474) Consider the following management need. How would you approach this analysis? LOCAL FUNCTIONS: Processes the raster surface cell-by-cell Perform Map Algebra with Raster Calculator and/or the Spatial Analyst tools found in the ArcToolbox You can apply mathematical functions to individual or multiple layers […]

Spatial Data Modeling II

    From Monday’s class we’ve determined 1) WHY we would want to manage for our specie of interest, 2) WHAT features on the landscape are important, and 3) HOW these features are defined. Wild Turkey:  WHY: hunting revenue WHAT: riparian zones & oak trees (mast producers) HOW: within 50m […]

Hurricane Florence

NOAA BULLETIN – SUMMARY OF WATCHES AND WARNINGS IN EFFECT: A Storm Surge Watch is in effect for… * Edisto Beach South Carolina to the North Carolina-Virginia border * Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds, including the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers A Hurricane Watch is in effect for… * Edisto Beach South Carolina […]

Queries: RCW Site Assessment

    Data  Download the RCW data linked on our ELC site. Copy the zipped file over to your working folder on the E:\ drive and unzip it.  I converted the data to feature classes in a file geodatabase.  We realized that there were inconsistencies with the original shapefiles (2/13/2020). The […]

Sample Photo 1

RCW Site Assessment Questions

Base your answers on the RCW dataset in ELC. Attribute table information: baac: basal area per acre (ft2) cuft: cubic foot volume per acre (ft3) age2018: December 31, 2018 age (For this exercise, assume you are generating a report for December  31, 2019) Produce a histogram of ages for the […]