WSFNR FORS 7690, Fall 2016

Processing point cloud in R – Follow-up

  Monday, you had an opportunity to process a drone-based point cloud using R and the lidR and the rgdal packages.  You should have familiarized yourself with the following commands and at least have an idea of what they do: plot() summary() lasfilterdecimate(): lasground(): lasnormalize(): lasfilter(): grid_metrics(): grid_canopy(): […]

Processing point cloud in R

    Lab 07:  Process point cloud in R!!! In this lab, you will use the R programming language to process a point cloud.  As in previous labs, the goal is to automatically count trees across the landscape.  These methods are relevant even if you are not interested in tree-counting.  […]

SeGrowers Data Processing in R – Demo

Monday, you stepped through a simple analysis in ArcMap.  You created a normalized surface model (I called it the DZM in the lab document) by differencing the surface model (DSM) and the terrain model (DTM).  The resulting raster layer contains cells whose values are 0 or near-zero.  These cells represent […]

sUAS Loading & Performance

    The Basic Physics of Drones   Now, the effects of loading and weight on aircraft (sUAS) performance Flying an aircraft overweight is detrimental to its performance It is critical to adhere to the weight and balance limits specified by the manufacturer of your aircraft  (you will see this document […]

Raster Ecological Geofence…

Spatial Analyst Toolset Must load the Spatial Analyst extension to use these tools – Customize >> Extensions >> … ESRI Spatial Analyst Toolset Listing You’ve used the following tools in lab: Conditional – Raster If/Then operations Distance – When paired with a reclassification, this is how we buffer using the raster data type Extraction (specifically […]

Batch Geocode ACF List

Census’ Batch Geocoder: Census’ Batch Geocoder documentation: Association of Consulting Foresters member list: Submit a “Last name contains”  = % query to return all records.  Hit the “Select All” link to show all of the results on one page.  Copy the results and paste them into NOTEPAD […]

Cruise Grids

  Sumter County Cruise Data Georgia GIS Clearinghouse Historical Imagery State: Regional: County: Add a WMTS service to your ArcMap project: Open the Catalog window Scroll down and expand the GIS SERVERS selection Double-click ADD WMTS SERVER Paste the WMTS path into URL and hit GET LAYERS Expand the […]

Week 6 Lab: Rubber sheeting w/ the georeferencing toolbar

Georeferencing practice (Oconee Forest Park) OCFP SAMPLE DATA Set up your ArcMap project Load your georeferenced source image (NAIP2015_Source.jpg) Ensure your data frame coordinate system matches the NAIP (UTM17/NAD83/Zone17N…) Load your ungeoreferenced target image this layer is not georeferenced, you will not see it when it loads Save the project to your workspace Locate possible ground […]

Queries: RCW Site Assessment

    Data  Download the RCW data linked on our ELC site. Copy the zipped file over to your working folder on the E:\ drive and unzip it.  I converted the data to feature classes in a file geodatabase.  We realized that there were inconsistencies with the original shapefiles (2/13/2020). The […]

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