Coordinate Systems & ArcGIS, continued

    Somebody asked about UTM measurements south of the equator…  UTM has a north and south zone, each are measurements from the equator… ESRI: What are map projections? The above links you to ESRI’s excellent explanation of map projections, coordinate systems, spatial references, and related ArcGIS tasks.  You need to […]


  Geog. Info. Sys. Basics (ch 2.2) Scale… (Map Scale, Analysis Scale) Map scale (verbal scale, graphic scale, representative fraction) Map scales are an expression of the numerical relationship between measurements made on the map (the map units) and the same measurements made on the ground (the ground units). Verbal […]

Location, Direction & Distance

  Geographic Information System Basics (ch1.2) Location, Direction & Distance… (Over There, Just Up The Road, Not Too Far) RELATIVE LOCATION / RELATIVE DIRECTION / RELATIVE DISTANCE Often times, you will be tasked with converting relative mappings to absolute mappings.  Consider the following Ryan property survey.  The site has been […]