Unsupervised Image Classification (ISOdata classification)

Data: October 13, 2020 Sentinel-2 image (eLC Link) December 18, 2019 Sentinel-2 image (eLC Link) Toolbox (extract the Toolbox.tbx and copy it to your working directory) (eLC Link) Sentinel-2 Satellite Imagery: Instructions for download from USGS Earth Explorer (eLC Link) Data delivered as single-band rasters Sentinel-2 band information 10 meter […]

Joining EVALIDator results to congressional district shapefile

Wednesday, you decided that the GEOID field in the Census’ congressional district shapefile is an appropriate common identifier. I agree, this is a good choice. It is a combination of the state FIPS and the congressional district FIPS. Keep in mind, this should be a four-character code. The data we […]

FIA EVALIDator Queries

Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA) Background: The Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program of the U.S. Forest Service provides the information needed to assess America’s forests. As the Nation’s continuous forest census, our program projects how forests are likely to appear 10 to 50 years from now. This enables […]

Mapping tabular data (Event Themes)

  OCONEE FOREST PARK (Lake Herrick):  DATA DOWNLOAD LINK  Here is the scenario:  You have been asked to compile preliminary data for the Oconee Forest Park for an upcoming project.  In the download above, you are provided three datasets: Lake_Herrick_Depths.csv: Lake depths captured with a Lowrance fish finder.  XY coordinates […]

Processing LiDAR w/ R – Talladega National Forest

Lets continue with the Talladega National Forest LiDAR dataset… I have provided a link to a KML of the LiDAR panel 625065 extent. Give the site a look in Google Earth to get a better feel for the site (Figure 1). A stream in the northern part of this site […]

Four Specie Habitat Suitability

Last semester, I tasked students with describing suitable habitat for four animals: wild turkey, timber rattlesnake, striped skunk, and the black bear.  Your task this week in lab is to develop a model to highlight these ‘suitable’ areas for each of the critters.  You will use the topological operators I […]

RCW Site Assessment Questions – Redo

Use the RCWData linked from the Lab section of our ELC page.  I fixed the original shapefiles by exporting them to a file geodatabase. Attribute table information: baac: basal area per acre (ft2) cuft: cubic foot volume per acre (ft3) age2018: December 31, 2018 age (For this exercise, assume you […]

FANR5640/7640 – Global Mapper Pixels to Points

Pixels To Points Help In this lab, you will be processing drone data acquired on February 07, 2020 at the terraced section of the UGA Botanical Garden.  The photos were captured with the DJI Phantom 4 Professional using the DJI Ground Station software running on an iPAD mini; the drone […]

Connect to the Warnell Global Mapper License Server

The following instructions step you through the process of connecting to the Warnell Global Mapper license server. If you are interested, you can install Global Mapper on your personal computer or lab machine, too. Download the installation files from the Global Mapper website (https://www.bluemarblegeo.com/products/global-mapper-download.php) and connect to the license server […]

FANR5640/7640: Lecture 4 – Part 107 Rules and Regulations

Part 107 Regulations, Pilot Requirements (my crib notes from RemotePilot101/Lesson1: Rules and Regulations) Definitions: Remote Pilot In Command (PIC) – has the final authority of all sUAS operations; is not necessarily the person controlling the aircraft Visual Observer (VO) – person acting as a flight crew member to help ‘see and […]